Consultants in Educational & Personal Skills is a Non Profit Corporation Providing Future Solutions Now.

CEPS provides assistance for individuals who have difficulty managing their day-to-day financial affairs. Our services are designed to meet each client's individual money management needs while serving as representative payee. This includes establishing and maintaining a monthly budget, paying monthly bills, creating savings goals, organization and keeping track of financial records, negotiating with creditors, and protecting them from financial fraud, abuse, or exploitation. We provide the means to prolong independent living for those who are at risk, simply because they became unable to manage their financial affairs.

Our clients are people who want or need assistance dealing with their day-to-day financial matters. Whether for a short period of time or for more extended need, we serve a population of people who are most vulnerable to losing or having lost their independence.


  • Do you have trouble managing your funds? If you can't seem to pay you're bills on time, you need a payee.
  • Is your current payee a family member who isn't trustworthy? If your needs aren't being met, you need a new payee.
  • Are the Social Security laws hard to understand? If you would like someone to communicate to SSA on your behalf, then you need a payee.
  • If your current payee does not pay your bills on time, then you need a new payee.


CEPS can often save you more than the cost of paying your bills. So why not sign up with CEPS today? You can reduce your worry and have professional money management services at the same time.

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What's New

  • "I would like to thank you for your outstanding service, it has far exceeded any standard of customer service. I have only one regret; I wish I had known about CEPS sooner..."