CEPS is a social service agency in Sacramento and Stanislaus Counties that provides assistance for individuals who have difficulty managing their day-to-day financial affairs.

Our Mission

We are committed to making life better for others in every encounter, every time.

Our Vision

We are the representative payee of choice because we make a difference by offering solutions, support, and referrals in our community. We research both current services to increase efficiency and the expansion of new services through a network of related businesses to attract new clients and better serve existing clients.


Our Clients Deserve More

CEPS aids individuals who have difficulty managing their day-to-day financial affairs. Our services are designed to meet each client’s individual money management needs, while serving as representative payee. This includes establishing and maintaining a monthly budget, paying monthly bills, creating savings goals, organization and keeping track of financial records, negotiating with creditors, and protecting them from financial fraud, abuse, or exploitation. We provide the means to prolong independent living for those who are at risk, simply because they became unable to manage their financial affairs.

For many beneficiaries, a traditional network of support is not available. In these cases, our clients look for qualified organizations to assist in dealing with their day-to-day financial matters. Whether for a short period of time or for more extended need, we serve a population of people who are most vulnerable to losing or having lost their independence. As a payee, we serve a vital role in establishing and maintaining this financial independence.


The Social Security Administration provides financial assistance through (SSI/SSA) payments to elderly and disabled individuals. Occasionally, due to the severity of the disability or other situational factor, some of the people authorized to receive these SSI/SSA benefits are unable to adequately manage their funds. As a result, Congress has created a law whereby non-profit community-based organizations are allowed to act as the individual’s financial representative.

Under protection of this program, the benefits are issued to a non-profit third party who then manages the funds for the individual. By law, the fees for this service are set by SSA and are the same for all rep payee companies. In 2022, the fee is currently $48.00, but is subject to change via the annual COLA increase. Anyone receiving SSI/SSA benefits and who are unable to manage their funds, are eligible for the service.

Join the CEPS Family!

At CEPS, we see our clients as our family. Most of our clients are underserved, but they deserve more. That’s why we want to help them get the help they need. Our CEPS team will connect clients to resources in the area. If those resources aren’t available to them, our team picks up the phone and makes calls until we can find the help they need.

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