Services are designed to meet each client’s individual money management needs while serving as a representative payee. This includes establishing and maintaining a monthly budget, paying monthly bills, creating savings goals, organization and keeping track of financial records, negotiating with creditors, and protecting our clients from financial fraud, abuse, or exploitation.

We provide the means to prolong independent living for those who are at risk, simply because they became unable to manage their financial affairs.

Our clients are people who want or need assistance dealing with their day-to-day financial matters. Whether for a short period of time, or for more extended need, we serve a population of people who are most vulnerable to losing or having lost their independence.



Budgeting is one of the primary functions we perform for our clients. Essentially, we receive our client’s monthly funds and create a monthly budget with them according to their monthly SSA income, rent, and bills. Budgets vary from person to person, but we utilize the same concept for each client while centering it around their needs.

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Rapid Direct Deposit

Rapid is a debit card company that we partner with to offer our clients debit card options if they do not have access to a private bank or other debit card options. Through this partnership, we can offer our clients a different free structure than Rapid offers to the general public, like zero fees.

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