Lisa Banducci

CEPS is the best decision we made for my disabled brother. Caring and professional team is always dedicated to help. After months/years of payment complications, evictions and needless loss of money. Patricia and her amazing team has him back on track to responsible payments. CEPS has truly been a blessing.

Steph Stuckmeyer

CEPS goes above and beyond for their clients. Every single member of their staff truly cares for and goes out of their way to help each client undoubtedly outside the scope of their jobs. My sister is a client of CEPS and has been treated like family since day one. They lookout for their clients like their own family members and care about where they sleep, what they eat, if they have all the necessities to live, and their physical and mental health. They even notice when a client stops showing up and will do everything they can to find out why.

Sara Looney

Having you available has been a true lifesaver for me and my family. For me because it gave me independence in getting my life back on track and CEPS has been a big help with me and my family in the way of being my trust worthy payee and giving me the independence and ability to take the money factor away from the family factor.

Michelle Long

CEPS act as a liaison between me and the government agencies which is a blessing because I tend to get over whelmed and stress paper work and deadlines. I’ve even developed friendly relationships with staff and management. They have looked out for me and cheered me on during my healing process. It was much easier to focus on getting better knowing that CEPS would handle my benefits and manage my funds.

Anonymous Client

Any problem they have the solution. Only company that calls back. Helping, kind and determined.

Anonymous Client

CEPS is a transformational agency in homelessness. They go the extra mile to boost your day.