Dearest people of CEPS,

Having you available has been a true lifesaver for me and my family.

For me because it gave me independence in getting my life back on track and ceps has been a big help with me and my family in the way of being my trust worthy payee and giving me the independence and ability to take the money factor away from the family factor.

I’m a recovering addict and I put my family through a lot. everything I went through, they went through with me whether they wanted to or not. when I burnt my bridges and became homeless. i know that hurt them but it was their way of kicking my into gear… and slowly but surely, not really knowing what I wanted or needed at the time, i just knew what i didn’t want. I had a little bit of trouble at first… I got in a little legal trouble from my using.. I decided, with help from my family, to go to rehab. while in rehab I signed up for disability and was approved. at first my grandparents were my SSI payee but this is where it was hard for me and my family.

I would have to call my grandparents for money who would then have to go to the bank to put money in my account … which ended up putting a riff between me and the people i cared most about in my life. my family went on a mission to find a better solution… this is when we found CEPS.

CEPS gave me my independence back and ceps gave peace back to my family relationship. ceps will help you with your budgeting, your bills and paying them on time, they can help you with housing… the people of ceps are the most patient people I’ve ever met! they are kind! they actually care about their clients and their clients’ families! they are an encyclopedia of social security disability information!

I have been with CEPS for a long time now and I have been nothing but happy with my decision of switching from family member payee to a CEPS payee. my family relationships have never been stronger! I feel extremely lucky to have found you CEPS! I’m truly grateful for all of you!

Thank you all for always being so amazing.