I have been on SSDI since 2012. It was always a struggle to manage my benefits and it was a challenge to find a payee who I could rely on. I dreaded managing my finances each month.

Finally, in 2016 a friend referred me to CEPS, and ever since I’ve not had to worry about my funds being mishandled. My account managers always make deposits to my card directly as per my requests. CEPS will even make payments for my bills and reimburse friends and family when needed.

CEPS act as a liaison between me and the government agencies which is a blessing because I tend to get over whelmed and stress paper work and deadlines. I’ve even developed friendly relationships with staff and management. They have looked out for me and cheered me on during my healing process. It was much easier to focus on getting better knowing that CEPS would handle my benefits and manage my funds.

Thank you CEPS!