We cannot express the gratitude we have for the coats you donated.  This year more than ever we have been able to give them directly to the most vulnerable.  Nights where it is below 40 degrees is just unbearable to be without shelter.  

We love having a coat to give to someone in need.  Specifically, someone who had walked overnight to our office after being released from jail and was waiting for his funds to be reinstated.  Another who had their bed roll set on fire from another homeless person.  And just this week to another who had been drenched in the rain and couldn’t stop shivering.  It has not only not been a blessing for them but also for our team.  

We want you to know that it’s been a BIG deal around here! Your kindness helps our clients and it helps relieve some of the stress on our team when we can offer something that lightens the burden on those we serve.  We thank you!