Do you need a Payee?

  •  Do you have trouble managing your funds? If you can't seem to pay your bills on-time.
  • Is your current payee a family member who isn't trustworthy? If your needs aren't being met.
  •  Are the Social Security laws hard to understand? If you would like someone to communicate to SSA on your behalf.
  • Are your bills being paid late? If your current payee does not pay your bills on time.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Who needs a Payee?

Answer:  Anyone who has difficulty managing their day-to-day financial affairs. 



Question: My address has changed.  What do I need to do?

Answer: Notify your account manager immediately. You can download the Change of address form or your account manager will gladly complete it for you.


Question: I want CEPS as my payee.  How do I enroll?

Answer: You can download the Intake form or we will gladly complete it for you at any of our offices.  If you need assistance, please call us at (916) 348-1890 (Sacramento Area) or (209) 544-8591 (Modesto Area) and we will guide you through the process.